IPMA Candidate Focus – February 2024


Hossein Salimi has just finished his IPMA certification at level B – after working as senior project manager for some years.

“My motivation behind taking the IPMA certification is to gauge my current competences in project management and to strengthen the opportunities for my future career and above that, the IPMA certification is very recognized in the wind industry, where I work”, Hossein points out.

Knowledge and experience in focus

“I like that it is a leveled system and the fact that the basis is your own knowledge and experience from real projects instead of theory in a book. You get feedback from your assessors, which is very insightful, and you learn a lot about yourself during the process as well.”

However, regarding time it is not an easy certification. Hossein underlines that a lot of effort is required and that he spend quite a lot of time for the report – looking into previous projects, reading the ICB and put that into his own context.

Valuable learning process

“It is really a valuable learning process. Before the certification, I took actions during projects without being fully aware of the competences behind, but after the certification process, I now have a whole different awareness of my competences, which is a huge strength”.

In terms of future career opportunities, Hossein Salimi underlines: “The IPMA B certification definitely help me prove what I’m claiming and have good impact. My two assessors, who are both senior product directors, have looked thoroughly into my knowledge and experience and certified that I’m competent for this level. I look forward to the exciting projects ahead”, he ends.



As a project manager, I have several years of experience in cross-functional agile product development for multiple renewable energy projects as well as in multidisciplinary projects for delivering customized turbines to be installed in specific wind farms.

Additionally, my experience in early development of Operation and Maintenance set up together with contract negotiations with the OEMs have enriched my portfolio, covering a spectrum of projects including product design, customer projects, and development projects for setting up future plants.

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Charlotte Lynge