Communique from Copenhagen – IPMA Council of Delegates


Vedhæftede communique er formuleret som et af flere resultater fra et meget succesfuldt møde og udsendes nu globalt og samtidigt af 72 nationale foreninger alle medlemmer af IPMA. I det fælles communique sender vi et stærkt signal til det internationale projektsamfund om betydningen af tillid (trust) for opnåelse af succes med samarbejde og partnerskaber som vigtige elementer for succesfuld gennemførelse af projekter.

I forbindelse med mødet fik IPMA-certificeringen i Danmark overrakt et certifikat som bevis for, at vores drift af IPMA certificeringen baseret på det opdaterede kompetencegrundlag ”Kompetencer i projektledelse” er valideret og godkendt af IPMA. Danmark er indtil videre det første land i verden, som er blevet valideret på alle de certificeringsprojekter som IPMA tilbyder:

A, B, C og D på Projekt-domænet

A, B på Programdomænet

A, B på Portefølje-domænet

Council of Delegates
Communique Copenhagen, Denmark

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a federation of presently 72 member associations, that promotes competence in project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline.

During its spring Council meeting on 31 March 2019 at Copenhagen, IPMA discussed the strategic importance of trust for successful project implementation and sustainable results. In an increasingly projectified world, relationship-building and collaboration depends on trust between all relevant parties. For example, through Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in construction projects partners strive to achieve a collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices in order to optimize project results, increase value, reduce waste, and achieve sustainable solutions through all phases of a project. Rather than each participant focusing exclusively on their part without considering implications on the whole project, IPD brings all participants together early with collaborative incentives to maximize value (see also IPMA´s Research Conference 2019 in Zagreb).

The Council of Delegates concludes that:

  • Individuals engaged in projects shall strengthen their competence regarding “Relationships and engagement” building on trust (see IPMA ICB Version 4.0)
  • Leaders shall foster a culture of trust within the own organisation as well as towards all partners involved in projects, programmes and project networks;
  • Organisations shall establish mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders involved in projects for achieving sustainable results (see IPMA OCB Version 1.1).

IPMA President Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela confirmed that “in a world that threatens to drift ever further apart, mutual trust in projects becomes even more important for achieving sustainability. All leaders are called to action, fostering trust and building collaborative relationships. IPMA supports society through its Global Standards and shares knowledge and experience across countries, continents and cultures to enable a world in which all projects succeed.”

This has been released concurrently by all 72 member associations of IPMA.
The President of IPMA, Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela is available for comment.

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